November 28, 2022

Episode 14 - Emotional Alchemy

In this episode I discuss the process of Emotional Alchemy and a bit on how to do the process within self. 

Explore the four stages of acknowledgement, awareness, acceptance and adjustments. It's really not that hard to transform your life when you know the process! 

See for help working through your own Emotional Alchemy process! 

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music: sunset songs © daniel tyack

Daniel tells the story of his experience with, deconstruction and exit from Christianity along with a BUNCH of info that The Church never wanted you to hear. Speaking of witch... Jesus was crucified for witchcraft under Roman Law. Enjoy! 

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music: sunset songs © daniel tyack

In this episode Daniel dives into feeling feelings, processing emotions and clearing trauma in the body. 

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February 6, 2022

Episode 11 - The Moment

Daniel dives into the beauty of The Moment with a fresh take on how our moment is formed through our expectation. 

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music: sunset songs © daniel tyack

Daniel dives into some "off the beaten path" mystical healing experiences. And we're not talking about emotions, we're talking about actual, physical wound repair. We're talking about the time Daniel bent his broken collar bone back into place with some mushrooms and meditative practices. 

Don't believe it?! Good. It's Fukkin weird. 

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music: sunset songs © daniel tyack

This last week has been gnarly. In this episode I tell the story of two massively sucky interactions with my closest friends, I talk about why Astrology affect us the way it does and how I used the massive pain of my experience to grow. There were tears shed and I'm so happy to share with you. 

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music: sunset songs © daniel tyack


November 14, 2021


Here we have an epic tale of falling in love, getting friendzoned and using the pain as a portal to healing. I wouldn't have had it go down any other way. Enjoy the episode!

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music: sunset songs © daniel tyack

November 3, 2021

Episode 7 - The 4 Oms

In this episode Daniel dives into the beautiful lessons learned from the "4th Om". What is the 4th Om? Listen in and find out! 

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Music: Sunset Songs © Daniel Tyack

October 24, 2021

New Song - We Are Free

Just a quick mini episode to share a new song that came to me in a moment of flow. It's messy but I wanted to get the idea out there. 

I love you dearly. Enjoy! 


We Are Free

Here we are riding the wave
Experiencing pleasure feeling the pain
Living the moment of God’s holy kiss
Choosing to live in hell or in bliss

We are free to feel and too be seen
in this moment of perfection we are free
You are free to see you in me 
In this moment of perfection you are free

Here we are with a life gone past
Holding to moments that simply don’t last
Grasping at motion and holding the wind
Feeling the weight of original sin

Here we are on the terrace of the mind
Looking to future for things we can’t find
Searching for what is complete in our hearts
Hoping that future will bring a fresh start

Dry your tears. Accept your fears for we live in a moment of flow.
The pain and the pleasure, beauty and shame throughout the under tow
Let the pain fall like the rain washing my ego away
As I sit in the bliss of this moment


Here we are in the moment of flow
Feeling the things that cannot be known
Living in beauty accepting the sin
Observing it all from a deep place within

Hey everyone! It's been a few months and I couldn't be happier to be back. In this episode I talk about the truth our bodies tell us. It's the feelings, the subtle senses, the subtle knowing, the subtle truth. 

Follow me over at instagram to engage in the conversation. @danieltyack

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